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Morgan Bodies

Dry Freight Bodies

For over five decades, Morgan dry freight bodies have built an industry-wide reputation thatís filled with quality, innovation and fast delivery. These three key reasons are why Morgan-made means youíre getting the best in the business. With the fast pace of todayís business, success is finding the competitive edge. Carnegie Body and Morgan can give you that and more by delivering the finest aluminum, FRP and insulated truck bodies. Whether itís one truck or an entire fleet, you can count on Morganís best in class industry leading innovation to move your business to the next level.

Refrigerated Bodies

The more control you have over interior cargo space, temperature and convenience, the more profitable your business becomes. That's why so many companies operate Morgan refrigerated truck bodies. To answer the challenge of everyday deliveries, you need a truck body that combines innovative design with day-to-day delivery performance. From top to bottom, end to end, a Morgan refrigerated body is filled with the highest quality materials and superb workmanship, custom built to meet your specific applications.

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